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 Getting Started - Tips & Tricks

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Well done, you're now ready to setup CoolMenu™

But before you do here as some tips & tricks to help you:
  • Put your most commonly used Items on the first Tab on each CoolBar as this will be the active Tab each time CoolMenu is started.

  • Keep the number of Items on each Tab to a maximum of 10, the Items can be scrolled but if you are continually searching for things it rather defeats the purpose of CoolMenu.

  • Use Drop-down Items for infrequently used applications and documents, as they take up less space and you are more likely to recognise individual items by their name on the menu.

The next section of the tutorial Changing CoolMenu explains how each of the CoolMenu forms are used to change the way CoolMenu looks and works. The final section Advanced Topics contains step by step guides on how to integrate CoolMenu with your system.

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