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 Getting Started - Deleting

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CoolBars, Tabs and Items are all Deleted using the same method - Right-click and select Delete from the context menu. What is deleted depends on what you right-click. Here we will set up a new CoolBar, Tab and Item...and then delete them.
  • Right-click on CoolMenu and from the menu select New - Bar

  • Click the Image and select an icon (the two buttons to the left of the Wizards Hat also access DLLs containing libraries of icons)

  • Click OK

  • Enter Test in the name box

  • Click OK to create the new CoolBar

  • Right-click on CoolMenu and this time select New - Tab

  • Name the Tab Other and click OK

  • To add some Items right-click and choose Programs...

  • Drag & Drop Calculator and Notepad to the Other Tab
CoolMenu should now look something like this:

CoolMenu setup for deletion

Now follow these instructions to delete what you've just created!
  • Click the Other Tab to ensure it is active and you can access it's Items

  • Right-click Calculator and select Delete Item from the menu

  • After checking that the Warning box is refering to Calculator click OK
Now we'll delete the Other tab and any remaining Items on it.
  • Click the Other Tab to ensure it is active and at the front

  • Right-click the Other Tab and select Delete Tab from the menu

  • Again after checking that the Warning box is refering to Other click OK
Deleting a Tab also deletes any Items it contains. The remaining steps delete the Test CoolBar and any Tabs or Items it contains.
  • Right-click the Test CoolBar handle and select Delete Bar from the menu

  • Make sure that the Warning box is refering to Test and click OK
And thats it! You can now create and delete - CoolBars, Tabs and Items.

You should now feel able to go to the Games CoolBar and delete the New Tab Tab (!) that was left hanging around when we created the CoolBar. After you've done this head for the next lesson.

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