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 Getting Started - Moving CoolBars

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CoolMenu with CoolBars

CoolBars are great for reducing the size of the CoolMenu window. At the moment your CoolMenu has two bars one under the other. If this was repeated every time a CoolBar was added you would soon run out of screen space! The trick is to setup the CoolBars so that you have more than one on each line.
  • Click on the lower Games CoolBar Handle (the part with the icon on it)

  • Keeping the mouse button down drag the bar up and onto the Main CoolBar

  • Now open and close either of the bars by clicking on their handles

CoolMenu with CoolBars aligned

This feature allows you to easily hold 6-8 overlapping CoolBars in the area 2 would take up normally. It also avoids the distraction of having many diverse Items visible.

Now would be a good time to Save (Right-click, Save).

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