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 Getting Started - Creating CoolBars

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One nice feature of CoolMenu is the CoolBar. CoolBars are used to group Tabs of similar function. Once you have more than one CoolBar on your CoolMenu they can be dragged around, opened and closed. Lets set about creating a CoolBar for that most important group of applications - Games.
  • Right-click on CoolMenu to bring up the context menu

  • Select New then Bar

  • Give it a Name - Games

  • Click the Image... button

  • The Change Icon form is used throughout CoolMenu to change and set images

  • Click the Wizards Hat button (this displays the icons contained in the PIFMGR.DLL)

  • Click on one of the Icons shown in the Current Icon window (scroll through and check them all)

  • And click OK

  • Finally click OK to create the Games CoolBar

CoolMenu Change Icon Form

You now have a CoolBar ready to receive any games and utilities. Before dropping anything on it think about how it should be broken up with Tabs ie. Action, Flight Sims, Demos, Tools, etc...

Try setting up these Tabs and dropping a few of your games onto them (make sure you right-click over the CoolBar you want the Tab to be created in). Be careful when dropping Items as you now have several possible Tabs they could end up on! Make sure you have clicked on the target Tab to bring it to the front and drag & drop the items onto it. If they end up on the wrong CoolBar or Tab one of the lessons further on deals with moving Items.

CoolMenu with CoolBars

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