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 Getting Started - Creating Items

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When you start CoolMenu for the first time it'll look something like this.

CoolMenu Components

The first step is to get some Items onto the Main CoolBar.
  • Right-click on CoolMenu to bring up the context menu

  • Select Programs... - this opens the folder containing the Windows Start Menu shortcuts

  • Click on Explorer and drag it over the Main CoolBar on CoolMenu, the pointer will change indicating that the shortcut can be dropped

  • Release the mouse button and an Item (button) displaying the Explorer icon will appear

  • Click on the newly created Item and Explorer will be launched (be careful not to double-click)

  • Try opening some of the other folders and dragging some shortcuts to CoolMenu
Before going any further it would be a good idea to Save the current settings of CoolMenu.
  • Right-click on CoolMenu to bring up the context menu

  • Select Save
Do this after several updates to ensure that your changes don't get lost.

It's worth pointing out at this stage that CoolMenu doesn't take a copy of anything dropped on to it. CoolMenu simply links the Item (button) to the file dropped on to it. If you delete a file which has previously been dropped on to CoolMenu it's button will no longer function as the link has been broken.

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