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 Changing CoolMenu - Item Properties

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The Item Properties form is a lot busier than the last two Properties forms. Don't worry it's virtually the same as the Shortcut Properties form used by Windows.
  • Right-click on the Explorer Item

  • From the menu select Item Properties


When you drag & drop a file onto CoolMenu the information you see above is gathered by CoolMenu automatically. With this form you can change:
  • The Description that comes up when the mouse pointer is over an Item.

  • Path is the application or document which is opened when the button is pressed. Change this using the Find Target... button.

  • Use Start In to specify the current folder when an application is started.

  • Parameters are the runtime parameters supplied to an application when it is opened. For example setting Parameters to ReadMe.txt for a NotePad item will open NotePad with the file Readme.txt already loaded.

  • Select how the Item's main window is to appear on opening with Run - Normal, Maximised, Minimised.

  • Next to Run is the Drop-down menu check box. This is enabled if the Item is a folder. Checking it results in a Drop-down menu when the Item is clicked.

  • Use the Change Icon... button to set Icon Source overriding the Windows assigned icon.

  • If the Item is a Windows Shortcut then the Shortcut... button is visible. Clicking it opens the Windows Shortcut Properties form which can be used to make changes to the shortcut itself and not just the CoolMenu Item.

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