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 Changing CoolMenu - Options...General

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Clicking Options... from the context menu then General opens the tab below.


  • Caption - once CoolMenu has been Registered you can set the caption to anything you like!

  • Tab Folder Indicator - select the colour of the indicator used when a folder is dropped as a Tab on CoolMenu.

  • Hints - use these options to choose whether the hint Right Click for options appears when the mouse is over CoolMenu and to determine how quickly the Item Description appears and disappears when the mouse pointer is moved over a button.

  • Auto Save - if checked CoolMenu will automatically save changes when either an OK button is pressed or when CoolMenu closes. Remember the Save option on the context menu can be selected at anytime to save CoolMenu's current setup, whether Auto Save is checked or not.

  • Small Buttons - check this to use 16x16 icons and smaller buttons, requires that CoolMenu be restarted.

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