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 Advanced Topics - Reclaim your Desktop

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Like most users you're desktop is probably littered with shortcuts to your most commonly used applications and documents. But lets face it, this is not an ideal setup. The shortcuts get moved, the only way to logically group them is by clumping them together in different areas of the desktop.

Then to get at any of them you have to minimise all the open windows, then find and click the relevant shortcut. And there's your favorite wallpaper obscured by a multitude of icons and labels, which they probably didn't stand out from very well anyway.

So let's set about reclaiming your desktop:
  • The aim is to move any shortcuts from the desktop to a folder in the Programs... folder

  • Start by right-clicking CoolMenu and selecting Programs...

  • Now create a new folder and rename it My Shortcuts

  • Open My Shortcuts

  • If you have been grouping you desktop shortcuts, at this point you may want to create some sub-folders under My Shortcuts

  • Move (drag & drop) the desktop shortcuts to My Shortcuts

Now you've cleared the desktop of shortcuts you can think about adding them to CoolMenu.

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