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 Changing CoolMenu - Change Icon Form

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The Change Icon form is accessed from the Item and Bar Properties form.

Change Icon Form

The top scroll box displays the icons available in the Item or in the file specified by Path. To change an Items icon either:
  • Select a different icon from the scroll box.

  • Use Browse... or Graphics... to find another file containing the icon you wish to use. Graphics... uses the Open Picture Dialog allowing a graphics format file to be viewed before selecting it. To use an icon from Internet Explorer:

    • Click Browse...
    • Locate IExplore.exe usually it's in "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer"
    • Click Open
    • Click the Icon you want in the scroll box and press OK

  • Or click one of these three buttons Icon Library Buttons and open a Windows icon library.
The remaining two buttons Copy to Clipboard & Paint Buttons are used to copy an icon to the Windows Clipboard and to open the Windows Paint program. For more infomation see Advanced Topics - Customising Icons.

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