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 Advanced Topics - Web Favorites

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Web pages like any other document and be dropped onto CoolMenu to create buttons. If there is a site you visit frequently you may want to setup a button for quick and easy access.
  • Launch Internet Explorer

  • Make sure the site has been added to your Favorites

  • From the Favorites menu select Organize Favorites...

  • Locate the web page

  • Drag & drop onto CoolMenu

  • Customise the icon to make the button more recognisable

Another thing you can do is attach a section of Favorites to a button as a Drop-down menu. For example say you have a number of sites created in the Jazz folder.
  • As above launch Internet Explorer and goto Organize Favorites...

  • Drag & drop the folder Jazz onto CoolMenu

  • When the Drag & Drop Wizard is displayed, select Drop-down menu button and click OK

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