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How can you work faster and smarter with CoolMenu, read on and find out.

The key to using CoolMenu productively is in organising the Coolbars, Tabs and Items in a logical fashion. If Items are on the Tab you expect them to be on, you save time that would be spent searching. Therefore place the most frequently used Items on the first Tab of the Main CoolBar, it's the most visible and the first Tab is always open when CoolMenu starts up.

CoolMenu is at it's most convenient when you are using one application and you need information from another application or document. To swap to CoolMenu either click on the CoolMenu icon on the Windows Task Bar or use the keyboard - Alt-Tab. You don't have to minimise any of your windows or goto the desktop, CoolMenu just pops up on top. When you're finished just click on the application you were using.

System objects (My Computer, Recent Documents...) can also be placed on buttons on CoolMenu. The Trick here is to create a shortcut and drop it on CoolMenu. Here's how to set up a button for My Computer:
  • If you've not already done so, create a new folder My Shortcuts in the Programs... folder, this will be used to store all newly created shortcuts

  • Go to the Desktop

  • Drag & drop My Computer into My Shortcuts

  • When windows complains about "not being able to copy to this location" and asks if you "want to create a shortcut?" answer Yes

  • You may want to change the name from Shortcut to My Computer to My Computer as this is the text CoolMenu displays when the pointer is over the button

  • Finally drag & drop the new shortcut from My Shortcuts onto CoolMenu

  • Click the button and the My Computer browser opens

If it's already on the desktop, why bother? Well in time you'll automatically change to CoolMenu to open windows and launch applications, also it saves changing to the desktop, clicking My Computer and then changing back.

The same technique can be used for Network Neighbourhood, My Documents, Control Panel, Printers, Drives, etc...

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