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 Advanced Topics - Email Shortcuts

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Here's a quick way of handling Email addresses. It gets rid of the need to launch your mail application, click new message and fill in the address. Lets face it you know you want to create a new email and who it's going to, it would be simpler and quicker just to press one button or select their name from a list, without thinking "where's the email program..."
  • Right-click CoolMenu and select Programs... from the menu

  • Open the folder My Shortcuts or create it if you've not already

  • Create a new folder in it called Email

  • Open the Email folder

  • Right-click the window and select New then Shortcut

  • For the shortcut Command Line use any of the following formats substituting your details:
    • mailto:name@domain.com
    • mailto:Name <name@domain.com> (note the space between Name and <)
    • or if you are using Outlook and Name exists in your address book mailto:Name

  • Click Next and give the shortcut a name

  • Click Finish and windows creates a .URL shortcut

  • Now drag & drop the shortcut onto CoolMenu

  • Click the button you've just added to CoolMenu and a New Message opens with the To: line filled in

If you create several email shortcuts in the same folder you can drag & drop the folder onto CoolMenu creating a drop-down button to select from.

Consider customising the email shortcut icon. For example use the company's logo or for personal email addresses you could use a scanned photo of the person cropped to head and shoulders, the background erased and then it's size reduced to 32 x 32 pixels. It works well but keep the number of colours to 256 or greater!
 Advanced Topics - Mailto: Advanced Parameters

When using mailto: separate email addresses with ; or ,
  • Name1;Name2;Name3
  • Name1 <name1@domain.com>;Name2 <name2@domain.com>
  • Name1;Name2 <name2@domain.com>;Name3
The mailto: command can accept a few more parameters using a ? after the address:
  • cc=
  • bcc=
  • subject=
  • body=
Put them all together using &'s:

  • mailto:Name?subject=Test Email
  • mailto:Name1;Name2?cc=Name3;Name4;Name5&subject=Test Email
  • mailto:Name?subject=Test Email&body=This is a test
  • mailto:Name1?cc=Name2;Name3;Name4&bcc=Name5&subject=Test Email&body=This is a test
Please note this may not work with all mail programs and the command line is limited to a maximum length of 256 characters.

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