Changing CoolMenu - Drag & Drop Wizard

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When folders are dropped onto CoolMenu they are handled by the Drag & Drop Wizard. This form allows the user to select from the 3 ways CoolMenu can handle folders dropped onto it.

Drag & Drop Wizard

  • Drop-down Menu creates an Item on the Tab which when clicked displays a drop-down menu containing any applications or documents within the folder and any sub-folders. This menu is refreshed each time the Item is clicked

    CoolMenu Drop-down Item

  • Open Folder creates an Item which when clicked opens the windows browser for the dropped folder.

    CoolMenu Folder Item

  • Tab displaying Folder contents - here CoolMenu creates a special Tab which displays the contents of the folder as Items on the Tab. It is distinguished from a normal Tab by a coloured circle, the colour of which can be changed using Options...General. The Items are refreshed each time the Tab is brought to the front ie. changed to, from another Tab on the same CoolBar.

    CoolMenu Folder Tab

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