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Hot 1-Dec-01 CoolMenu2 Beta Updated

Hot 24-Jul-00 Registration prices slashed - now only 5.00/$7.50 or less
28-Jan-00 CoolMenu Registration back online
25-Jan-00 Updating Registration software - facility may be unavailable for a short period
Hot 17-Nov-99 Featured Download @ Jumbo Shareware
Award 9-Nov-99 Silver award for CoolMenu at Simply the Best Shareware
Hot 6-Nov-99 Downloads of CoolMenu top 3000 in first month - our thanks to you all, you've made it a great success
Award 3-Nov-99 PCWin award CoolMenu top rating - click here for review & link

25-Oct-99 toget (Taiwan) feature Coolmenu - click here for article link
16-Oct-99 FileDudes Newsletter recommends CoolMenu - click here to read review
Hot 15-Oct-99 CoolMenu downloads from this site top 1000 in last 7 days
14-Oct-99 Awards & Links page - CoolMenu Ratings, Shareware, Icons
Award 11-Oct-99 CoolMenu receives 5 Star Award from The File Transit
Hot 11-Oct-99 CoolMenu takes Number 1 slot in Five-Star Shareware's Top 100 Downloads
Award 09-Oct-99 CoolMenu gets 5 Stars and featured application from Five-Star Shareware!

30-Sep-99 CoolMenu website opens!
25-Aug-99 InstallShield selected for the Setup & Installation of the CoolMenu Evaluation Package.
30-Jul-99 CoolMenu V1.2 beta testing ends and release testing begins.
02-Jan-99 CoolMenu V1.0 beta testing begins.
 CoolMenu Updates
Sep-99 CoolMenu Version 1.21 released 30-Sep-1999!
Aug-99 CoolCalendar can now "stay on top" while using other applications.
Hot Jun-99 Drop-down Menu Buttons added to CoolMenu

Instead of simply opening the Browser window, a button can now open a Drop-down Menu displaying the contents of a folder plus the contents of any sub-folders. A single click gives quick and easy access to a whole host of items and because each item has an icon & description it's ideal for accessing documents or infrequently used applications.

This feature gives CoolMenu a truly massive storage ability while keeping everything structured and accessible.
Jun-99 Favorites button added to CoolMenu Beta
Mar-99 Hardware monitoring added - (System & CPU Temperature, CPU Fan Speed).
Jan-99 Support for NT registry added.
 Revision History
Version Evaluation Released

Version Evaluation
  • 22/9/99 Fixed - the Small ImageList was not updating when new applications were added to Windows. This caused the drop-down menus to display the wrong icons.
Version Evaluation (Pre-release)
  • 15/9/99 Implemented Tab Drag & Drop between CoolBars
  • 15/9/99 Fix for dropping of files and folders as Drop-down's - now only the folders are dropped as Drop-down menus.
Version Evaluation (Pre-release)
  • 1/9/99 Rehashed Registration form - the user can now copy the content of the registration email to the clipboard and then press the Clipboard button on the CoolMenu Registration form to extract and enter the ID and Key, thus avoiding mis-keying errors.
Version Evaluation (Pre-release)
  • 25/8/99 Fixed Hardware monitor panel - when switched on in options the update timer was not enabled.
  • 18/8/99 The CoolCalendar has been converted to an EXE. CoolMenu is now only used as a launcher, thus CoolCalendar can be set to "Stay On Top" (right-click calendar) and does not interupt the running of CoolMenu.
  • 18/8/99 Graphics button on the Change Icon form now opens the Picture Dialog in the correct folder.
  • 18/8/99 The Loading... form has been made more informative.
  • 18/8/99 Fixed failure to open some shortcuts to system objects ie. My Computer.
  • 18/8/99 Multi-User Profiling support. The ini file created by CoolMenu now contains the current users login name. Thus if different users log in at the same machine they can be presented with different CoolMenu setups. This should also allow for a copy to reside on a server.
  • 18/8/99 Deleting Drop-down buttons which have just been used could cause a memory error when the next drop-down button was pressed. This is now fixed and along with the same thing happening if the Item Properties form was used to change it from a Drop-down.
  • 18/8/99 If an ini file (which contains the CoolBar layout) is loaded that does not match the number of bars held in the registry the ini settings are ignored. Could have caused problems if a backup ini file was restored and not the registry entries.

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