Bar Handles CoolBar Handles

Click to open and close the CoolBars revealing Tabs and Items. Drag the handle Left and right to resize the CoolBar. Drag it up and down to move the CoolBar around within the menu.

Group Tabs logically together on each CoolBar. For example:
  • Desktop - Main, Comms, Tools, Accessories, Docs
  • Web - Browser, Email, Web Pages, HTML Tools
  • Games - Action, Flight Sim, Cards, Demos
Have the most used frequently used CoolBar at the top of the menu on a row of its own. This way your most frequently accessed documents and applications are only 1-2 clicks away.
Click to select the required Tab. The aim is to group together applications and documents (Items) in a logical way, so that it will be obvious which Tab an Item will be found in.

For example:
  • Control Panel - System Tools
  • Microsoft Paint - Graphics
  • Letter Template - WP Templates
As the first Tab on each CoolBar is always the one visible on startup it's a good idea to place all the most commonly used Items irrespective of type or function on this Tab. This way you will not have to keep clicking between tabs while going through your everyday work.
Folder Indicator

Folder Indicator
The small circle indicates that the Tab is displaying the contents of a folder.

Menu Items
Single click launches an item.
 Address Bar

Address Bar
Type in a web page address or folder path, here. Press Enter or click the green arrow to launch. Previously accessed web pages can be selected from the drop down menu.
 Status Bar

Status Bar
Shows system specific information.
To alter the Status Bar select Options... from the context menu.
Hardware Monitoring

Hardware Monitor
Provides real-time monitoring of System & CPU tempratures along with CPU fan speed.
Your motherboard must support this function (LM78/79/WinBond W83781D). It currently does not work with Windows NT.

Double-click to launch the Windows Control Panel.
Drive Usage Monitoring

Drive Usage Monitor
Click to refresh the usage figure. Double-click to browse the monitored drive.
Date & Time

System Date and Time
User defined flexible formatting of both date & time (i.e. mm-dd-yyyy, d/m/yy, hh:nn).

Double-click for quick access the Date/Time Properties form.
Calendar Button
Click the Calendar button to open the CoolCalendar at todays date.

Calendar Form
Click around the calendar and the full date is displayed on the title bar.
Click on the greyed dates and the month changes.
Right-click to select whether CoolCalendar "stays on top" while using other applications.

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