Frequently Asked Questions

My CoolMenu "Bars" won't display the images I have chosen on the "Bar Properties" form?
Make sure that the "Show Images" check box is ticked in the "Bars" tab on the "Options" form. If it is you probably need to update your Microsoft Common Control DLL files.

When I have more "Items" on a "Tab" than can be visible at once, I don't get an arrow for scrolling?
Update your Microsoft Common Control DLL files.

CoolMenu runs but there are no "Bars, Tabs or Items" it's as if it has been resized too small vertically!
An abnormal termination/shutdown by windows can lead to CoolMenu's layout being saved improperly. It's easily fixed:
  • Close CoolMenu
  • Delete the "CoolMenu.ini" file, found in the directory containing CoolMenu.exe
  • Now run CoolMenu, all the "Bars" will be on separate lines
  • Set them up as you wish and carry on
Alternatively, if you've used the "Backup" option on the popup-menu recently:
  • Close CoolMenu
  • Delete "CoolMenu.ini"
  • Rename "CoolMenu.bak" to "CoolMenu.ini"

Why doesn't CoolMenu save the currently open "Tabs". When I restart it's always the first "Tab" on each "Bar" that is open, not the last one that I was using?
Thats right, it doesn't save which "Tab" is currently visible. Put the most used "Tab" in each "Bar" at the start. That way CoolMenu will start with the most commonly used "Items" at hand. To move a "Tab" to the start:
  • Left-Click the "Tab", which is to be moved, to open it
  • Right-click the "Tab" and from the menu select Tab Properties
  • Change the number in the Posn edit field to 1, either click the arrows or edit the number

Why doesn't CoolMenu "dock" to the screen edges?
Firstly, because of the layout and the "tabs" it could only dock to the top of the screen. If you want to see that effect click CoolMenu's maximise button.

Secondly I find it really annoying when "MenuBars" either limit the size of the desktop or jump out at you when ever the mouse goes near the edge of the screen. Most of the time this happens when going to click a scroll bar or resize the window. MenuBars should stay out the way until explicitly asked for!

It would be great if instead of appearing on the "TaskBar", the CoolMenu icon appeared in the "System Tray". Any Chance?
The idea behind keeping CoolMenu on the "TaskBar" is to allow users to ALT-Tab or single-click to bring it to the front. It's a balance, CoolMenu has to be easily accessible while using other applications but must not interfere in their use.

I often use one of the "Control Panel" applets, can I set up a button on CoolMenu that runs the applet without going through the "Control Panel"?
Yep! Oh you want to know how to do it as well? OK it's fairly simple.
  • Run the Control Panel
  • Right-click the required applet
  • Select "Create Shortcut" from the popup menu
  • Windows will ask and then create the shortcut on the desktop
  • Given that the idea is to keep our desktops free of clutter - move it to a folder
  • Finally "drag & drop" the shortcut onto CoolMenu (a "System" tab would be a good place)

Can I create a button for My Computer? Dragging it from the Desktop onto CoolMenu won't work.
What you need is a shortcut to My Computer.
  • Right-click My Computer and select Create Shortcut from the menu.
  • Move the shortcut into a folder, to avoid clutter on the desktop.
  • Now "drag & drop" your "Shortcut to My Computer" onto CoolMenu.
Hint: This works for most system objects - Network Neighborhood, Printers, etc...

What about a button to Email a friend that automatically starts a new message and fills in their Email Address for me?
Shortcuts again!
  • Create a new Shortcut (Right-click the desktop or folder contents, choose "New" then "Shortcut")
  • For the "Command Line" type "mailto:<>" making the appropriate changes.
  • Click "Next" and give the shortcut a name "Email My Pal"
  • Click "Finish" and windows creates a .URL short cut
  • To tidy it up right-click the shortcut, select "Properties" and try
    mailto:My Pal<>
  • Once you have your URL shortcut "drag & drop" it onto CoolMenu.
Hint: For quick and easy access keep your Email Shortcuts together in a separate folder and drop the folder onto CoolMenu as a Drop-down button.

Window's "Start Menu" has a "Documents" option bringing up a list of my latest accessed documents. Can CoolMenu do that?
It certainly can!
  • Go to your Windows folder and "drag & drop" the Recent folder onto CoolMenu.
  • On the Drag and Drop Wizard form select "Drop-down Menu Button", click OK and that's it.
This works with any folder but for a folder containing large numbers of documents drop it as a "Folder Button" which when clicked will open the folder in the browser.

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