CoolMenu Evaluation

Want to try CoolMenu before you buy? Then click the link below to download and then run an Evaluation copy of CoolMenu for the trial period of 30 days.

Registered users can upgrade to Version 1.2 (Rev 1.4) by downloading and installing the evaluation version, with no need to re-register.

Download CoolMenu Evaluation Version 1.2 (Rev 1.4) (Windows 95/98/NT, 1.6Mb)

If you prefer ZIP format rather than Self-extracting EXE - click here

 Linking to

If you wish to link your site to copy one of these images and place it on your site

      CoolMenu Link Banner

CoolMenu Link Banner

using the following html code for the link

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="coolbanner.gif" ALT="coolmenu - faster, smarter" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="cool_wl.gif" ALT="coolmenu - faster, smarter" BORDER=0></A>

 Download Microsoft Common Controls

CoolMenu uses a number of new window controls distributed with Windows 98, Internet Explorer 4 or Office 97 products. You will only need to update your system files if you have not already installed any of these products and CoolMenu is missing one or more of the following features.
  • Images on the CoolBar handles
  • PageScroller appearing when there are more Items than can be displayed
  • CoolBars sliding when opening and closing
Your system files can be updated by installing Internet Explorer 4 or 5 or alternatively download and run this Microsoft Common Controls update program.

Download Microsoft Common Controls Version 4.01


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