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  • Desktop overrun by icons?
  • Your current monitor not big enough to cope?
  • Fed up searching through the Start Menu for applications?
  • Can never remember where shortcuts have been put?
  • Wish applications & documents were quicker to find?
  • Wish Windows was easier to use?

CoolMenu provides fast easy access to shortcuts, applications and documents.
While clearing the clutter from your desktop.

Bar Handle - click to open and close Menu Tab - group items logically Menu Tab - group items logically Bar Handle - click to open and close Menu Item - single-click to launch Menu Item - single-click to launch Bar Handle - click to open and close Item Scroller Type URL's and Drive Paths here System Temperature Monitor (centigrade) CPU Temperature Monitor (centigrade) Fan Monitor (RPM) Current Date - configurable Current Time - configurable Open Calendar Window Hard Drive Usage Monitor Folder Indicator - tab is displaying the contents of a folder Title Bar - display your own name here
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  • Easy to use and configure
  • Compact size reduces desktop clutter and promotes productivity
  • Fast retrieval of applications and documents, 2-3 clicks, often only 1
  • Simple Drag & Drop operation
  • Single Click launching of shortcuts, applications and documents
  • Mouse movement confined to a small area of the screen
  • Open & Close CoolBars maintain a small desktop footprint
  • Tabs give clearly identified groupings
  • High density storage 50+ Items on each CoolBar
  • Drop-down menu buttons for fast, easy document retrieval
  • Hard drive usage monitoring with colour status key
  • Real-time System, CPU & Fan Speed monitoring with colour status key (LM78/79/WinBond W83781D)
  • Command line for web & hard drive browsing...
  • Quick access to Favorites, Control Panel, Monitored Drives and Date/Time Properties
  • Handy CoolCalendar window
  • User configurable Date & Time
  • Increased productivity from:
    • The logical grouping of items by task, category etc...
    • Time saved searching folders
    • Time saved searching Windows Start Menu
    • Having infrequently used Items on hand (2-4 clicks)
  • Fewer lost or forgotten applications
  • Hard drive usage awareness
  • Early hardware failure notification (LM78/79/WinBond W83781D)
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