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Rating: Award "CoolMenu is an alternative menu for your normal operating system. It is extremely well presented and user friendly"...snip

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snip...."CoolMenu is a program of a very high standard, it is backed up by a very well presented tutorial on all aspects relating to the program as well as a thorough description, FAQ, latest information and support which are all available from the developers website. This program is a very quick and efficient way to manage, access and launch any application and at the same time, clearing all those messy icons from your desktop. CoolMenu should be a must have program for all users from the home to the office, don't over look it, they don't come any better than this."

Four stars is the top rating at PCWin, sometimes such as this I wish it was higher.

Ian McDonald, Reviewer, PCWin November 3rd, 1999

FileDudes give CoolMenu the thumbs up!

"Coolmenu is a great way to access your most used programs, games and documents. You can add a shortcut manually, or drag and drop it onto CoolMenu and add it instantly. You can set up different tabs to organize your shortcuts. One for utilities, one for Internet applications with your dial-up icon (if you have dial-up), email, browser and even bookmarks! Set one for games and one for most used documents and folders and you're all set! Of course, you're not limited to only this. You can add much more to CoolMenu. You can add anything you want a shortcut to. If you don't like fumbling through the start menu to find things and your quick launch bar (in Win98) is getting way too cluttered, then give CoolMenu a try. It's small, compact and a time saver! Don't let the 3 Dude head rating fool you, this program is worth a try."

The FileDudes Weekly Newsletter for the week of October 15, 1999.

ToGet (Taiwan) toget give CoolMenuToGet (Taiwan)

If anyone can provide a translation of this article it would be much appreciated.

ToGet Virtual Desktop Article October 15, 1999.
If, like me, you are forever loading software that creates shortcut icons, your desktop quickly becomes cluttered. CoolMenu creates the disciplined structure for good housekeeping, or, as my mother used to say:

"A place for everything and everything in its place!"

Bob McQuattie, Managing Director, Gulf Coast Seal (UK) Ltd

CoolMenu saves a lot of time and frustration. Its easy to configure interface provides all the features of a traditional menu system with smart drag and drop setup.

It completely avoids the messy Windows Desktop and the appallingly tedious Start button.

I particularly like the extra system monitor features such as drive usage and the Web Address bar is a godsend as it's always where you want it - only one click away.

Graham Auld, Managing Director, The Technology Centre (Scotland) Ltd

CoolMenu is a must for office use.

It reduces the time and hassle in starting work to a minimum. By keeping the Windows desktop clear CoolMenu aids concentration and gives me control over the working environment.

Jeff Wood, Managing Partner of Jura Business Services
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